Monday, April 15, 2013

The eternal battle between the ego and the higher self

The decision-making process is complicated. Perhaps so much so that learning how to do it in the mature manner takes years, or even decades, to master. Even with the simplest decisions, given the least number of possible choices, the process remains convoluted, especially considering man’s psychology.

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Most of the time, it’s a grapple between one’s ego and higher self.

Tilak Fernando recognizes this phenomenon, stating that even our identities of “Higher Self” and “Pure Consciousness” still lie within the boundaries of a glorified image of our own ego. The contrasting characters of both aspects of the personality always get in the way of seamless action.

The “higher self,” always omniscient, seeks to do things the most ideal way possible. It is in direct contact with “Source,” the spring of wisdom and the source of available knowledge. The “ego,” however, always pragmatic, always seeks to reason out with the higher self. It is in direct contact with reality—every empirical factor affecting the situation that may not complement the facts presented by the higher self.

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These two never agree on anything. Sometimes, their clash may become so monumental that they can be a cause of great delay for a certain action to happen. In spite of this, their constant disagreement plays an important factor in ensuring that decisions are well thought of and not rash. Check and balance is key … because one can never go wrong in listening to both sides of the situation.

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