Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learning to move past one's mental illusions

The barriers to happiness that many people face at present stem from the insistence that many have to live in the reflection of their mental illusions. Often, people view their lives as entrenched in countless problems that need to be solved in order to be happy.

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This pursuit of a perceived better state, however, is the same thing that makes life difficult for many individuals. The problems and the sought-after solutions are both mere illusions of the mind, and if a person does not learn to be happy in the present fleeting moment, then true happiness will forever remain out of reach.

According to Tilak Fernando, people need to realize and accept that life is a set of impermanent moments that are already full of sweetness, lightness, and simplicity. A life of happiness is already available to everyone and there is no need to “fix” one’s life. It is the act of moving and being busy all the time that distracts people from the happiness that is already within their grasp.

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However, this simple truth is difficult to accept for many. People have gotten used to the way they’ve lived their lives, and their justifications for their existences can become unnecessarily constricting.

The chains that bind people to a life far from true happiness are all within their minds, and courage is necessary for them to break free. It is not comfortable to step out of the boundaries that people have set for themselves, but when they cultivate a sense of fearlessness and adventure, they can also begin to liberate themselves from their own false notions.

Happiness does not lie only at the end of a difficult journey, it is already within people, and they merely have to re-connect with the flow of life and accept it.

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