Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Walking your talk: The power of action

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Grandiose ideas are dime a dozen for most brilliant minds.  There are ideas that aim to move people, while others aim to move nations and mountains.  No matter how improbable they seem to be at the time conception, these grandiosities seem to find their way into the public’s consciousness, and in most cases words have used to convey the entire gamut of potentialities that these ideas hold. Throughout the course of history, people have been known to leverage the power of speech to reach out to people and have them ingrained in their hearts and minds.  Many leaders and speakers have had their fair share of influencing countless people into believing their ideas—with varying results.
It is one thing to spew philosophies; it is another thing to act on them.  As physics would have it, potential energy will not turn into kinetic energy without action; in the same way, great ideas will mean nothing until they are converted by someone into something real.  All it takes is one man and the audacity to make a difference.
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It’s difficult to imagine how life today would be without the people who acted on their ideas: Martin Luther with his reformation movement and Martin Luther King Jr. with his African-American civil rights movement—had these men shied away from the rigors of making these advocacies into reality, change—and ultimately progress—would not have been possible.

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